360° Device Protection

360° Device Protection

Your device represents your connection to your world, so you need 360° protection. ZAGG has you covered front to back, side to side, and everywhere in between with the most advanced protection technologies paired with a limited lifetime guarantee.


Over 250 Million Devices Protected

ZAGG InvisibleShield protects better with unbeatable glass and hybrid glass options, and the latest technological advancements like blue light filters, anti-microbial treatment, ClearPrint™ technology, privacy filters and more.


Revolutionary—and Sustainable—Impact Protection

ZAGG Gear4 cases protect better, reinforced with the revolutionary D3O® impact protection material and designed with useability features like textured surfaces, air vents, contoured designs and more. Gear4 cases use sustainable materials like D3O® Bio, recycled plastics, and post-consumer re-grind.


Stay Productive and Connected

ZAGG keyboards connect with your digital devices and keep you productive while you’re on the go. Our keyboard/case combos let you take your tablet with you everywhere, without worrying about bumps and drops.

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There’s a Better Way to Protect

Beast Mode won’t always be there to save you. Protect your phone better with ZAGG.

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Drop In Design

Fights Knocks and Drops

D3O® technology is strong enough to take any impact but gently cradles your phone with pure protection.

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Protect Your Eyes

Blue light protection is built into our screen protection. We got your back, screen, and eyes.

Drop In Design

Drops Happen

Lucky for you ZAGG has protected over 250 million devices and counting.

How We Do It

ZAGG protects your devices better by creating screen protection, phone cases, and power options with the latest technologies—like D3O® impact protection and Eyesafe® blue light filters—that benefit you and your device. Read on to learn about the technologies and features that help you make the most of your digital devices and experiences.

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Enhanced Blue Light Protection

The more time we spend with our screens, the more we’re exposed to HEV blue light that can contribute to digital eye strain. The Eyesafe® layer in our VisionGuard screen protection filters 40% of peak toxic blue light (435-440nm).

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D3O® Revolutionary Impact Material

All Gear4 cases are made with D3O®, the same impact material trusted by the military, professional athletes, and motorcyclists and used in their safety gear. On impact, the D3O® molecules lock together to disperse the energy, reducing the force of impact.

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Anti-microbial Technology

InvisibleShield screen protection and Gear4 cases contain anti-microbial treatment that protects the screen protectors and cases by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria and guarding against degradation from microorganisms.



ZAGG’s Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees that we will replace the InvisibleShield screen protector or Gear4 case for the life of your device.


Pairs Perfectly With

True 360° protection means being ready for anything. That includes having the power you need to make it through any adventure, be it everyday or epic.

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Wireless Charging for Your Devices Anytime, Anywhere

power bank in use


Safe, Fast Boosts of Power for Your Devices

car jump starter in use


Power Banks That Can Recharge Phones and Jump Start Cars


Why We Do It

Why? Well, we could say, anything less than 100% is unacceptable. Except, at ZAGG, our favorite number is 360, as in degrees. We believe in providing the best, all-around protection for your digital devices, so you can set out on every adventure confidently. But we don’t stop at protection. We innovate so you can enjoy better connected experiences and create, achieve, and play from anywhere.

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