Fusion XTR with D3O

Flexible Hybrid Protection with D3O®, Engineered for Gaming

for Galaxy S22+

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Fusion XTR screen protection is reinforced with D3O® and has an enhanced Eyesafe® blue light filter. Fusion XTR has been optimized for gamers with a nano-coating for fast, frictionless play and maximum touch sensitivity.
Limited Lifetime WarrantyFor device-specific products, we warrant the product against wear and damage during the lifetime of the device for which the product was purchased.

Worry-Free Limited Lifetime Warranty

InvisibleShield is backed by our famous limited lifetime warranty. If your InvisibleShield ever gets worn or damaged, we’ll replace it for as long as you own your device.

Fusion XTR: Engineered for Gaming

Fusion XTR screen protection is engineered for maximum touch sensitivity. This flexible polymer hybrid is reinforced with the revolutionary impact protection material D3O®. It has a nano-coated surface which reduces friction as you move your finger across its surface. We’ve also added an enhanced Eyesafe® blue light filter and an anti-microbial treatment that protects the screen protector by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria.*

Engineered to Be Unbreakable

Fusion XTR screen protection is a flexible hybrid polymer that won’t chip or crack. We’ve strengthened Fusion XTR with D3O®, so on impact, the molecules lock together to disperse the energy and reduce the force of impact.

Enhanced Blue Light Filtration

We depend on our digital devices for almost everything. But prolonged exposure to blue light, emanating from our screens, can contribute to digital eyestrain. Fusion XTR has an enhanced Eyesafe® layer that filters 40% of peak toxic blue light (435-440nm).

Biometric Technology

Fusion XTR screen protection is engineered to ensure compatibility with the most advanced biometric scanners, so it won’t interfere with Samsung’s ultra sonic fingerprint scanner.

Anti-microbial Treatment Protects Your Screen Protector

Fusion XTR screen protection contains anti-microbial properties that protect the screen protector by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria and guarding against degradation from microogranisms.

Ultra Touch Sensitive

Fusion XTR has been optimized for gamers. We’ve engineered the surface of Fusion XTR to be ultra touch sensitive so it registers every tap and swipe.

Super Smooth Hydrophilic Surface

When you’re in the zone, you don’t want anything to slow you down. Fusion XTR has a hydrophilic surface that reduces friction so your finger glide smoothly across the screen. It also makes it easy to wipe away fingerprints.

Fast, Accurate, and Bubble-Free

We believe installation should be as simple and accurate as possible, so we are constantly refining our processes with innovations like our EZ Apply® technology and advanced adhesives.


Limited Lifetime Warranty


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Self Healing


Glass Like Surface


Shock Resistant


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Fusion XTR with D3O

In Stock
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