Working Towards a
Sustainable Future

As a global citizen, ZAGG is changing the way we think, design, produce, and package. We’re forming partnerships that help us maximize our efforts, and we’re creating solutions that benefit consumers and the planet.

Protect and Enhance

At ZAGG, it's always been our mission to protect and enhance, and that includes the world we live in. We're starting our journey towards environmental sustainability by considering environmental improvements to packaging, product materials, recycling, manufacturing, and more.

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Create sustainable packaging and use recyclable packaging elements

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Reduce use of petroleum-based materials and integrate environmentally-friendly ones

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Recycling & Disposal

Provide eco-friendly options for recycling and disposing of used products

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Reduce the carbon impact of our manufacturing processes

What We’ve Done So Far

Here’s a look at the action we’re taking in our four core areas of focus: Packaging, Materials, Recycling & Disposal, and Manufacturing.

Sustainable Retail
Packaging Initiative

Did you know that annually 400 million tons of plastic are produced across the globe? And did you know that roughly 50% of the plastic that we waste comes from packaging in the form of single-use plastics? At ZAGG, we felt this was an area in which we could have a big, positive impact.

Our designers went to work to create recyclable and sustainable packaging options. Gear4 case packaging is now 100% recyclable—that includes plant-based inks. In our InvisibleShield packaging, we’ve replaced plastic components, like the plastic container and hang tag, with recyclable paper counterparts. As a result of our efforts, we’ve saved over 700,000 lbs. of single-use plastics from being dumped into the environment each year.

Eden Project

ZAGG has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects. For every Gear4 case sold on, a tree is planted. This year alone, our efforts will result in thousands of trees planted with The Eden Project.

D3O® Bio

In fall 2020, Gear4 introduced the Copenhagen case made with D3O® Bio, the world’s most advanced, plant-based protection material. D3O® Bio is made with 52% renewable resources, as opposed to fossil-based resources. This gives the Copenhagen case a recycling code of 7. When customers are ready for a new case, they can literally drop off the Copenhagen case in an appropriate recycling bin.

We’re excited about our partnership with D3O®, and more products made with D3O® Bio are in the works.

  • Eco-Train partner: Used cases are ground up and the material is reused
  • Gear4 cases use recycled material
  • HALO recognized in 2020 as one of the top 100 leaders in sustainability. Recycled 54,800 pounds of batteries.
InvisibleShield On Demand (ISOD)
  • The in-store ISOD machines custom cut screen protection for customers as they wait.
  • ISOD reduces the need for packaging materials by over 96%
  • ISOD reduces our shipping footprint by 95%
Corporate Initiatives
  • Corporate locations have installed solar panels, recycling drop-offs, electric car charging stations and other sustainable initiatives
  • Corporate locations participate in device recycling program
  • ZAGG has significantly reduced air freight in favor of ocean freight
"Becoming more sustainable doesn’t mean compromising on quality. As part of our commitment to protecting and enhancing the devices that connect you to your world, we’ve sought out sustainable solutions, like D3O® Bio and plastic-free packaging, that actually improve your experience and benefit the planet."

Chris Ahern, ZAGG CEO


We’ve partnered with some of the best in the industry to maximize our efforts.

D3O Bio
california electronics recycler
call 2 recycle
Committed to the Journey

Sustainability is a journey. When we started out, we already felt a sense of urgency, like when you start a road trip and think, ‘if only we’d gotten up earlier, we’d be a couple of hours ahead.’

Even though we’ve just begun, we’re focused on the future and finding new solutions that will reduce our carbon impact and increase environmentally-friendly practices for our products, people, supply chains, and in our manufacturing.

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